Masso Group is founded in 2000 and led by a group of marketing professionals. We are established to provide professional marketing services and consulting for Vietnam market. Masso is the company’s master brand, which stands for marketing solution. We have international marketing expertise and local knowledge which are continuously enhanced by our learning and growing culture. In addition, we understand marketing environment and operation practices of Vietnam and Indochina markets well. These advantages make us a destination of branding, communications and marketing services for clients who are planning or doing business in Indochina markets.

Our business scope is summarized as follows

(1) Branding & Marketing Strategy Consultancy: As the company’s name, that Masso stands for Marketing Solution, we provide both marketing & branding consultancy across stakeholders, specifically product brand marketing, corporate branding and investor relations or shareholder branding. We offer clients a total solution for marketing & branding, starting from consumer insights and market understanding by comprehensive marketing research (in partnership with research agency), brand leadership coaching, brand strategy including corporate identity, implementation and communications strategy as well as setting a systematic brand KPIs for monitoring/auditing and report. This total branding solution is based on our own strategic branding tool LIP@ which cost us multiple years of research and experience to build. 

(2) Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC): Masso Group can offer clients one-stop shop of an integrated marketing communication campaign that requires an optimum mix of traditional offline communications and online line communication tools. Hence it also mean single expertise such as Advertising, Events Management, Public Relations, Brand Activation and Digital Marketing is one of our marketing communication service, depending on clients’ need. This approach is based on our integrated structure with mix of internal expertise and pool of external specialists and experts both local and International.

(3) Digital Integration (DI@massogroup): regardless the growing trend of digital communications, brands seem still struggling on how to catch the digital trend effectively. Companies are wondering how to integrate traditional communications with online ones, things such as LoSoMo, Prosumer. Some brands have tried to utilize digital marketing tools such as SEO, social media, mobile marketing…However a comprehensive integration of traditional communications and digital marketing is not yet reached. As an integrated “branding partner” Masso Group have been active in R&D and established Digital Integration (DI@massogroup), a dedicated team, providing clients an integrated solution for online and offline communications. Together with its strategic digital partners/suppliers, DI can help clients start with social insight research, formulate integrated digital marketing strategy, then manage Implementation of a full digital marketing campaign and finally measure the result.

(4) Marketing Services (Legal name: Marketing Outsource – MO): Cultivating our 15-year of field marketing experiences and local marketing environment understanding, we have been providing marketing services to many MNC brands such as P&G, Nokia, Microsoft…in Vietnam market. The services include field marketing, sales promotion, sales activation, retail channel activation, shopper marketing across 63 provinces country coverage and Indochina markets.



We are experts in creating world-class campaigns, optimize & innovate the entire journey from brand contact to end purchase.

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