Research & strategy

Consumer behavior understanding is the heart of marketing and branding. However today research on consumer, industry, competitor and employee is also changing with online research tools.

With the fragmented information nature of emerging market, Vietnam now witnesses tremendous change in consumer behavior (especially information access way, purchasing power and buying process), which makes traditional market survey no longer works. Holding strong belief that sufficient information for strategic decision is how business leaders can minimize risks, Masso establish an independent team to synthesize and conduct market intelligence, driving every communication campaign and strategic consultancy. Derived from a specific problem within an enterprise, Masso Group offer a combination of traditional and modern survey tools to collect and synthesize needed information to solve business strategic problem. That’s how we optimize our clients’ resources. Armed with a pool of experienced research experts, a nationwide field marketing operation team and digital marketing partner for offline and online integration, we not only gather market intelligence efficiently, but also know to make the collected information say.



On basic of research & data analysis, we can help clients formulate both corporate and marketing strategy. Strategy is about making choice to achieve the set of objectives of any business organization. However companies often not taking a right choice because of “insiders” view! An external approach could be a better solution to increase the effectiveness of strategic planning. With an extensive experience and knowledge in strategic planning, Masso Group can coordinate right experts both International and local across industries to help companies increasing the effectiveness of strategy formulation, specifically:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Market entry strategy

In regard to Vietnam market with its own natures of an emerging country, Masso Group has researched and built its own tools (one-day workshop and LIP model) that integrate local context factors to help increasing the success of strategy formulation.

With extensive local experience, Masso Group is proud of providing marketing strategy consultancy for top corporations such as VNTP, MB bank, Bibica, DPM, Asia fan…and being confident to provide consultancy to multinational and local companies.