Marketing communications

We have been experienced with marketing communication practices in Vietnam and confident to offer clients either an integrated marketing communication campaign (IMC) or a single expertise such as Events Management, Public Relations, Interactive Marketing, Brand Activation, Advertising... upon clients' request.

                Integrated Marketing Communication campaign (IMC)
                Creative advertising
                Events Management
                Public Relations
                Brand Activation
                Corporate Social Responsibility
                Digital Marketing
                Field Sales and Marketing

We have a flexible business structure which allows us specializing on both depth of a single marketing communication area and width of integrated marketing communication approach. Depending on clients' requirement, we will form a project team which could be gathered within one functional team or across communication disciplines to ensure the most relevant skills are available for the project. We always work with the high sense of responsibility, professionalism and creativity. Throughout the years, we help giant multinational companies such as Motorola, P&G, Remy Martin, Goodyear, Castrol/BP, Sab Miller, Mega, Dutch Lady, ect... building strong brands. Our work quality and reputation are simply credibility for any organization who is looking for a professional marketing communication firm in Vietnam market.IMC