Investor relations consultancy

Concept of investor relations (IR) in Vietnam stock market is still underestimated when public companies see no instant result from the stock price. IR is a course of action aiming at effective two-way communication, a strategic bridge, helping the company achieve its fair market value.

Put it simple, promoting transparency communication about the company within law regulation is what IR can help in lowering cost of capital and maintaining the liquidity in turbulent time.

Investor relations is a special service of Masso Group, aimed to help public companies on this area. Starting with

(i) Market intelligence: Investor research to understand investors' perception and to gasp investors’ motivations toward a company value and future,

(ii) Strategy formulating on IR and corporate communication and

(iii) Tactical activities: translating the strategy into all communication activities/touch points: Media relations, Annual Report, Financial reports, Newsletters, Website, News releases,    Analysts meetings, Conference calls, Industry conferences, Trade shows, Corporate videos & presentation slides, Corporate advertising,  Web cast,    Road show  etc.

Our experienced IR consultants are experienced in delivering a full corporate communication campaign to a single based activity for your company turning points: Pre- IPO, IPO, and Post- IPO.  We also offer independent M&A advisory, especially how to value intangibles in M&A transactions.