OstarIn today market, consumer brand perception is a critical factor to measure your brand success. It can be understood as a collection of everything consumers know, feel, think, judge about your brand which would later determine your brand ability to compete, survive and grow. Managing brand perception is a very difficult task for marketers and brand managers in modern business; millions of USD have been invested in advertising and promotion to change certain thinking about a product or service but very little return can be identified. Why? It is because consumers are getting smarter and become harder to be influenced by traditional media, they have access to vast information on the internet and are free to discuss and impact their network through the power of word of mouth. At Masso, as a professional branding agency, we understand the importance of building positive consumer perception to develop winning brands. Our expertise is largely reflected in the successful story of Orion O’star Potato Chip

In 2010, Masso was chosen to be the branding agency for Orion potato chip brand, O’star. The challenge set at that time was that consumers associated snack food (like Potato Chip) as unhealthy and unsafe. There were tons of studies and articles both online and offline talking about health issues and how snack food can cause certain deadly deseases such as cancer, heart attack, obese,...Category sales drop and business performance was disappointing. In order to change the situation, as Orion’s trusted agency, Masso decided to do things a bit differently; instead of communicating and talking to consumers through traditional above the line activities, we engaged them in a O’star brand experience.

Masso solution was a 3 phase IMC campaign focusing on building O’star brand as the healthiest snack brand.

1. Phase 1: Educate
ostarWe aimed to generate awareness of a trendy consumption habit: care for health, even for snacks and reinforce image of O’star as health food for its natural origin. Our ideas was to engage consumers in a trip to O’star farm in Lam Dong to enjoy real farming experience. This was the place where we communicate to them that O’star had its own farm to produce fresh, natural and healthy chips. Target audiences between 15-24 were invited through a strict selection process to participate. After the trip, those were the brand embassadors to viral their experience and stories to others, slowly shifting the brand perception in way that favor O’star


2. Phase 2: Push sales & Promote
OstarBase on the initial success of Phase 1, we pushed further by selling the idea to the public. TV shows about the program was on air and enjoyed by many, articles online can be found easily with the help of enhanced search optimization. The result was people pouring in to join our program at the farm, making a radical change in perception and attitude toward the brand. For instance, everyone loved O’star because its fun, fresh and healthy


 3. Phase 3: Sustain

OstarTo further maximize the impact we created, our 3rd phase focused on appreciating consumers and mass communication about the campaign to gain public advocacy. Free O’star snack pack and trip to Dalat were given during our “Thank you promotion campaign”. News, radio, website and social media activites were also integrated to further engage consumers in the after purchase experience.

The result was amazing. O’star brand media coverage was at its peek, people loved enjoying and eating O’star potato chip without fear, knowing that the product was made from fresh clean potato in its unique O’star farm. Key word search and discussion volume on social media was overwhelming, telling that this campaign was a big success

As for now, O’star enjoy its position as the leading brand in the Potato Chip segment. The story ends up happily for both client and agency, Masso proves to be strong in expertise, firm in our experience and keen on execution. We are happy to see our client success and truly look forward to help more company out there who want to win consumers, top the market and build reputable brand.