Digital Integration

In the past, content was written by professional writers or journalists and edited before publishing, in today’s world whatever consumers do in a particular location can be uploaded on mobile phones and shared on social networks. This trend of consumers is called LoSoMo (Local, Social & Mobile); a trendy acronym in digital marketing! In short, the nature of today consumer and internet requires companies changing their communication, from traditional communication to conversation, from prime time to real time, from transaction to interaction. This phenomenon is highly relevant in Vietnam as the number of internet users is the 4th highest in terms of penetration (35.4 per cent of the population) among Southeast Asia, the number of mobile subscribers rank the 7th highest in the world and the social network reached 13,359,000 unique visitors. The growing trend of mobile devices empowers Vietnamese consumers to become “connected and online” adapters.

Regardless the growing trend of digital communications, brands seem still struggling on how to catch the digital trend effectively. Companies are wondering how to integrate traditional communications with online ones, things such as LoSoMo, Prosumer. Some brands have tried to utilize digital marketing tools such as SEO, social media, mobile marketing…However a comprehensive integration of traditional communication and digital marketing is not yet reached.

As an integrated “branding partner” Masso Group have been active in R&D and established Masso Digital Integration (Masso DI), a dedicated team, providing clients an integrated solution for online and offline communications. Specifically Masso DI can help companies:

- Social insight research. 

- Formulate integrated digital marketing strategy

- Manage Implementation of a full digital marketing campaign

- Measure the result with our own “Social Media Monitoring” tool


Masso DI is proud of successful implementation of integrated digital campaigns in Vietnam market for MNC brands such as Singapore Tourism Board, Mega, Total... We are looking forward to working with brands/organizations for an effective solution of digital integration.