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Understanding your brand, your market, your consumer is what we do best. We aim to provide effective marketing solutions that are suffcicently flexible to acccommodate your deverse needs.

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Singapore has been the preferred base for many global businesses. This is due to its developed infrastructure, business friendly policies, political stability, strategic location, skilled workforce and the favorable intellectual property rights laws. Global businesses have found it easy to establish their regional headquarters in this business-friendly country with over 7,000 multinational companies already operating in this country.

Masso Asia Pte Ltd operates as Masso Group’s strategic Southeast Asia hub, connecting and servicing international brands operating out from the country’s regional headquarters. We provide strategic marketing advisory, marketing communications services and solutions across Asia Pacific. As a network, we now operate directly from Vietnam, China and Australia, with an expansion plan in place to increase our footprints further. We recognize that our clients can benefit more if we integrate services beyond our award-winning marketing, communications, digital and events services – we work with a network of trusted partners to ensure that our clients’ evolving needs are always addressed and strategically integrated into their master plan.

Masso is the company’s master brand, which stands for marketing solution. In addition to our international marketing expertise and local knowledge continuously enhanced by our learning and growing culture, we have solid understanding about the marketing environment and regional operation practices. These advantages have made us a destination of branding, communications and marketing services for clients who are planning or doing business in those markets.

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